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Kim Kardashian Sets New Trend In Mobile Gaming

Technology analyst Roger Kay told CNBC that a splash game can depend at least as much on the application's developer. A celebrity partnership is "not necessary, but it's very, very helpful," he said. The gaming world is so crowded that developers really only have two options in hopes of seeing their app take off: either form a celebrity partnership, or figure out how the game could independently go viral, said Kay. "I still would like to believe that quality would get out on its own," Kay said, who is also founder of Endpoint Technologies Associates, an independent technology market intelligence firm. "But I see too many really good things die in the weeds because they can't cut through the noise."

Celebrity gaming onslaught

Are celebrities the future of gaming? Angel investor & Zynga co-founder, Justin Waldron, discusses gaming trends and the future of video games.

Celebrity partnerships are increasingly more important for mobile games to gain traction, said Waldron, especially as mobile gaming overtakes desktop gaming in popularity. "I think what's changed is the scale has gotten so much bigger and the monetization is so much stronger on mobile that we can afford to create these, sort of, partnerships because there's enough revenue on mobile for something like this to work," Waldron said. Read More Facebook apps get thumbs down from users Of course, it remains to be seen whether all celebrities will experience Kardashian's golden touch on gaming. A big part of the results of "Hollywood" is built into her personal brand and massive following, according to analysts.
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