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February 25 2015


Kim Kardashian's Beauty Routine Is Just As Detailed As You Would Imagine: Find Out All The Products She Can't Live Without  - Yahoo Celebrity

Even beyond that, I just love to take care of my skin." PHOTOS: Editors' beauty picks -- winter 2015 edition Good skin is key, and the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star relies on both high-end and low-end products to get the job done. "I use the Neutrogena Make-Up Remover Cleansing Towelettes. They take off everything but really gently even mascara!" Kardashian explained of the drugstore must-have. PHOTOS: Celebrity makeup-free selfies Kardashian follows up the budget beauty product with a $52 face wash. "Now I really wash it off first with a wipe, and then I use the By Terry Purete de Rose Cleansing Gel because it smells like rose," she says. After the cleansing process, Kardashian treats her dry skin with a thick moisturizer. "I love Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale The Rich Cream because I love the scene and the rich creaminess," Kanye West's glam half said.

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February 10 2015


Kim Kardashian: Kanye 'styled Me Tonight' - Yahoo News

"He had one in the laundry room, one in the drawer, one pretty much in the washer, so I was like, 'We need to take these out and put them up,'" Kim teased her hubby. "And, you know, he's a little shy about it, so they're kinda hidden when you walk in. I posted a photo of it the other day." Kim Kardashian West Tweeted a photo of Kanye Wests collection of 21 Grammys on February 2, 2015 (Twitter) Kanye said he's reaping the benefits of marrying Kim, who lives a glamorous lifestyle. PHOTOS: Kim & Kanye: Since The Beginning "She changed my life for the better," Kanye gushed. "I was staying in a little small house when I got my first publishing deal. I had Grammys all in the bathroom. Now she's got it set up all nice. Estate living." -- Paige Feigenbaum Copyright 2015 by NBC Universal, Inc .

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January 26 2015


Kim Kardashian ?furious? With Beyonce, Wants To Top Her By Getting Pregnant And Posing Nude

However, Kim isnt planning on stripping down again just to see if she can top her infamous Paper magazine cover she also wants to prove that she can beat Beyonce at the buzz creation game. According to the Independent, a source close to Kim Kardashian revealed that the reality show star thinks her second pregnancy will be the event of the year. However, Kardashian is worried that shell have to top Beyonces next big baby announcement, and shes furious that Beyonce is dropping baby hints while shes struggling to conceive. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Beyonce sparked pregnancy rumors by sharing an Instagram photo of herself buried in the sand. Someone had shaped the sand over her belly to look like a big baby bump, and immediately there was speculation that the photo was Beys creative way of announcing that shes pregnant again. A source recently told Heat magazine that the photo has inspired Kim Kardashian shes trying to get pregnant ASAP so that her belly can score Beyonce levels of attention. Shes been joking that Bey should enjoy her moment because when she and Kanye tell the world shes having another baby, itll be the event of the year.' Beyonce made her baby news the event of the year in 2011 at the MTV Video Music Awards. The singer let the world know that she was pregnant with Blue Ivy by showing off her small baby bump at the end of her performance of Love On Top. Kim Kardashian cant use a song and dance number to announce her next pregnancy, and Kanye West will likely steal her thunder by revealing the baby news before she gets a chance to, anyway. Luckily, Kim has devised another way to draw attention to her baby bump shes going take the sexiest pregnancy photos ever. Kim is determined to not gain as much weight as she did with North because she wants to look super hot in the naked pregnant photo shoot, an insider told Radar Online.

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December 27 2014


Kim Kardashian Reportedly Spotted At Doc?s Office | Webpronews

Kim had admitted to having fertility issues like her sister Khloe, but wasnt very open about them until her daughter was born. Now, she and West have reportedly been spotted visiting a doctors office just before Christmas, but according to TMZ , having another baby is a long shot for them. Its kind of a miracle that I even got pregnant. Khloe has been very open about her fertility issues and I think I was always really kind of quiet about mine, and I have similar issues, Kim said last year on the Today show. According to TMZ, Kardashian has been advised by her doctors to cut back on traveling so much and reduce her stress level, two things that significantly affect a womans ability to conceive. Kim reveals in the January issue of Elle UK that she was about to have her eggs frozen when she found out she was pregnant. A few years ago I was told I could never get pregnant.

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December 16 2014


Kim Kardashian's Holiday Plans: 1 Present For North? - Yahoo News

In fact, when it comes to going over the top with gifts for North, Kim leans on the rest of the Kardashian clan. "I try not to go overboard. I let everyone else spoil her," she continued. North's aunt Khloe told E! that shopping for North can be a little daunting. PHOTOS: 9 Times Kim Kardashian Forgot Her Shirt "I'm not going to compete with the clothing with her," she said. "She's a major fashionista. That stresses me out, the fact that I'm nervous to buy my 1-year-old niece something." Instead, Khloe will opted for possibly a toy or "things that I know she likes to play with and it's easy and I can't go wrong." -- Jesse Spero Copyright 2014 by NBC Universal, Inc .

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Kim Kardashian's Holiday Plans: 1 Present For North? - Yahoo News

"I try not to go overboard. I let everyone else spoil her," she continued. North's aunt Khloe told E! that shopping for North can be a little daunting. PHOTOS: 9 Times Kim Kardashian Forgot Her Shirt "I'm not going to compete with the clothing with her," she said. "She's a major fashionista. That stresses me out, the fact that I'm nervous to buy my 1-year-old niece something." Instead, Khloe will opted for possibly a toy or "things that I know she likes to play with and it's easy and I can't go wrong." -- Jesse Spero Copyright 2014 by NBC Universal, Inc .

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December 01 2014


Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Separation Rumors: The Couple Spends Thanksgiving Holiday Apart

> Courtesy/Reuters Reality television star Kim Kardashian, 34, reportedly spent Thanksgiving holiday away from hubby and rapper Kanye West, 37. According to a tweet Kardashian published Thursday, she spent the holiday with household in Los Angeles while West dined in Paris at Ralph Lauren Dining establishment in the Latin quarter. West and also Kardashian have actually been married given that May. A number of reports have hinted the couple is promptly moving towards separation. Kardashian tweeted she invested the holiday with sister Khloe Kardashian and also family. Delighted Thanksgiving! I'm so happy to have invested the day with my whole family over at Khloes residence today! Khloe cooked a lot delicious food!

Associated blog post: http://thecouturecandy.pixnet.net/blog/post/89794259

November 26 2014


Kim Kardashian Shows How To Confidently Eat A Cupcake In Booty Shorts On Elle U.k. Cover | E! Online

But have you seen the other two? http://t.co/iMOGL6xG0B pic.twitter.com/Qfi0QrvGyd ? ELLEUK (@ELLEUK) November 24, 2014 Enjoy that cupcake, girl. You deserve it. Kim Kardashian is continuing to grace the covers of magazines, although this is a wee bit different than what we've seen recently . The brunette beauty (who is fully clothed) absolutely stuns in a black-and-white, Jean-Baptiste Mondino-shot cover photo for Elle U.K.'s January 2015 Confidence issue. Wearing a pair of black booty shorts, striped crop top and that gorgeous giant diamond ring, Kim K. nonchalantly flaunts her famous curves while seeming to direct all of her attention on licking that frosting off of her fingers (which is understandable, because that's the best part, duh). What's more?

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November 10 2014


Kim Kardashian Sets New Trend In Mobile Gaming

Technology analyst Roger Kay told CNBC that a splash game can depend at least as much on the application's developer. A celebrity partnership is "not necessary, but it's very, very helpful," he said. The gaming world is so crowded that developers really only have two options in hopes of seeing their app take off: either form a celebrity partnership, or figure out how the game could independently go viral, said Kay. "I still would like to believe that quality would get out on its own," Kay said, who is also founder of Endpoint Technologies Associates, an independent technology market intelligence firm. "But I see too many really good things die in the weeds because they can't cut through the noise."

Celebrity gaming onslaught

Are celebrities the future of gaming? Angel investor & Zynga co-founder, Justin Waldron, discusses gaming trends and the future of video games.

Celebrity partnerships are increasingly more important for mobile games to gain traction, said Waldron, especially as mobile gaming overtakes desktop gaming in popularity. "I think what's changed is the scale has gotten so much bigger and the monetization is so much stronger on mobile that we can afford to create these, sort of, partnerships because there's enough revenue on mobile for something like this to work," Waldron said. Read More Facebook apps get thumbs down from users Of course, it remains to be seen whether all celebrities will experience Kardashian's golden touch on gaming. A big part of the results of "Hollywood" is built into her personal brand and massive following, according to analysts.
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October 30 2014


Radar Online | Kim Kardashian Confronts Khloé Kardashian About French Montana

kim-accuses-double-life Later, Kim and Kourtney tried to interrogate Khloe, who is divorcing troubled basketball player Lamar Odom , about her love life and new party posse of friends. PHOTOS: 20 Most Ridiculous Moments From The Kardashians Reality Shows But Khloe told the cameras she wouldnt talk to her sisters about it because even she was confused: I like to hold some things private until I know whats happening in my own life. As RadarOnline.com readers know, Kim has mentioned Khloes party girl ways , and on Sunday nights KUWTK episode, Kourtney chimed in. She told Khloe she knew her divorcing sister was gallivanting around all the time. Im just a girl who likes to go out on the weekends, Khloe shrugged to Kourtney. Later, Kim asked Khloe, Why are you lying to me about this supposed boyfriend? You live a double life.

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October 15 2014


Radar Online | Kim Kardashian Hires Tot North West Her Own Personal Stylist, Pal Says

Eva-Longoria Kim Kardashian and adorable daughter North West have emerged dressing relatively similar as of late, with the tot dressed to the nines in designer duds. Now, RadarOnline.com has learned, that the reason for the recent twinning is a result of a tailor that the Kardashian-West family has hired strictly for North! Kim has hired North West her own personal tailor whose sole job is to make mini versions of Kims designer outfits and ensure that they always coordinate, a source tells Grazia magazine. PHOTOS: Addicted To Photoshop? Kim Kardashians Top Ten Digital Slimdown Scandals REVEALED But thats not all the tailor not only cuts down the mini-mes ensembles, but she also styles the little munchkin. Thats right, a one-year-old has a personal stylist. The tailor, who is also paid to work as Norths stylist, works with Kanye and Kims styling team to create the toddlers personal looks . Last time we checked, toddlers arent necessarily the neatest were thinking thrown food, stains, etc. so it must be nice to have a personal stylist to design a bib among other kiddie clothes !

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September 26 2014


Kim Kardashian Defends Her Pregnant Women Comments | Reality Tv Magazine

kim-kardashian-defends-pregnant-women-comments I guess you cant be sarcastic when doing interviews, Kardashian exclaimed on Twitter this morning, adding: I was asked about tips on pregnancy style. I jokingly said pregnant woman should hide/stay in if they looked like I did lol. I said ask Kourt her tips bc she has the best preg style. Whew, that is a relief to know that she was kidding. Of course, while Kardashian herself was pregnant, she was often criticized for her fashion choices and her weight gain, so its nice that she can look back now and laugh about it all. Its your turn to sound off! What do you think of Kim Kardashians comments?

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August 26 2014


[pics] Kim Kardashian?s Mtv Video Music Awards Hair & Makeup ? Simple Nude Lips - Hollywood Life

On Aug. 24 Kim proved once again that she really knows how to look her best when shechosesimple makeup to go with her dramatic, plunging neckline! But, what we could not get over was her super shiny do! To grab this stars VMAs look, keep reading below! Kim Kardashians Super Shiny Waves Get Her Look! Kimis always making headlines and, while it is easy to get caught up in Kims drama, there is no denying that her killer fashion and beauty style are definitely what makes us stand up and take notice! The star once again made us look when she rocked a sexy beadeddress, nude lips, and our favorite part super shiny wavy locks that were absolutely to die for! Kims shine was really the perfect accessory for her daring dress, and it can be your perfect accessory too! For a polished look like Kims, we love Redkens Anti-Frizz Polishing Milk !

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August 24 2014


Kim Kardashian To Release A 352-page Book Of Selfies|ambiance

(img src='http://i.imgur.com/3BlG7EH.png' width='200px' alt='Kim Kardashian' style='float: left; padding:5 px' /> )The 33-year-old truth starlet is releasing a 352-page publication of her selfies titled Self-seeking considering that duh, it's Kim Kardashian. Known to generate the double taps on Instagram (see photo here), the selfie queen began gathering her images during a family members travel to Thailand, as recorded on their E! show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kimmy revealed to the Los Angeles Times that it would morph into a book of "" hot"" Polaroid photos for hubby Kanye West for Valentine's Day. "" It ended up turning out so amazing that we develop this concept to do a publication, a selfie book,"" Kim claimed on KUWTK. "" And so, Im visiting make some super-racy. I indicate, every female takes complete concepts of their [rear] in the mirror ... I might discuss a few of them. Guide, released by Rizzoli The big apple, will make a sprinkle onto shelves for $19.95 each in April 2015.

Associated post: http://thecelebritygossipblogs.wordpress.com/2014/02/28/kanye-west-to-pen-biopic-hand-major-role-to-kim-kardashian/

August 22 2014


Beyonce Kim Kardashian Mtv Vmas ? Will There Be An Awkward Run-in? - Hollywood Life

At the 2012 BET Awards it looked like the two power couples were getting along great when they were seated together, and shown smiling and having a nice time during the awards show. Fast forward to 2014, and things are seemingly not as cordial between the two. While both ladies are set to attend the show, a sourcerevealed toHollywoodLife.com exclusively that,Kim and Beyonce are at least 30 yards away. Our source also revealed that Kim will be sitting at the end next to the stairwell, so while it is unlikely that they will cross paths, it is certainly not impossible! Kim has been very vocal as of late about how she feels that she has been dissed. AsHollywoodLife.com previously reported , the reality star will not move forward with their friendship until she receives an apology. A source told InTouch ,Kim thinks Beyonces a fake, and that the real Beyonce is nothing like the one the public knows. Not showing up for the wedding was a total slap in the face.

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Kim Kardashian Donates Most Of Her Ebay Charity Proceeds To Herself

Radar arrived at these numbers by making a few big assumptions. Tax documents from eBay's charitable payment processor show that Kris Jenner's Life Change Community Church received $44,000 in 2013: Radar figures most of that came from Kim, who has the biggest eBay store of anyone giving to the ministry. They also extrapolate from a December 2013 statement where Kim, under fire for donating just 10 percent of her eBay sales to typhoon relief efforts in the Philippines, explained that it was just standard practice for her: She gives 10 percent to charity every month. "In regards to these eBay auctions, when the eBay numbers get broken down, the auction management agency that posts for me gets a percentage for all of their hard work, then eBay listing fees, end of auction fees, eBay Store fees, Paypal fees, etc., all add up to about half of the sale," Kim explained at the time . "Then I give 10 percent to a charity." Based on that, Radar calculated that Kim's take-home pay from her 2013 auctions must have been about 10 times what her mom's church earned on eBay, roughly $440,000. But their number could actually be low, considering that Kardashian changes her eBay charity from time to time, as in the Philippines relief example.

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July 28 2014


Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Evaluated

(img src='http://i.imgur.com/znNpDwV.jpg' size='200px' design='float: left; padding:5 px' /> )9. Outside the workshop, our "" activity"" is to take a bus from Beverly Hills to Hollywood and attend a celebration with the professional photographer and Kim. Yeah, right, like any person visiting a Hollywood party takes a BUS. 10. Oh, no! Our manager from the shop tracks us down in Hollywood, and he requires us to function tonite. But we have a celebration to visit, and that photographer claimed we had skill, and Kim wants us to comply with a supervisor from BET! Our 2 selections to get unemployed (with any luck he will not see the give-away gown) are "" Utilize your charm"" or "" Mention Kim."" Gross.

Associated article: http://babyrazzi.edu.glogster.com/kim-kardashian/

July 13 2014


Kim Kardashian Challenges Pepsico Chief Executive Officer Indra Nooyi, Claims Functioning Moms Can 'have It All'.

(img src='http://i.imgur.com/LfgWywi.jpg' size='200px' alt='Indra Nooyi' design='float: left; padding:5 px' />) I believe my greatest battle as a mommy has actually been stabilizing the two yet I do think its feasible, she stated when referencing to her experiences of functioning while elevating her two youngsters Mason, 4, and Penelope, 2. Indra Nooyi, Chairman and Ceo of PepsiCo during the yearly conference of the World Economic Online forum (WEF) in Davos January 24, 2014. Reuters Kardashians declaration comes one week after the launch of Nooyis questionable interview with The Atlantics David Bradley following her appearance at the Aspen Suggestions Festival June 30. When asked about her fondness for picking time at the workplace over her husband and three daughters, Nooyi, 58, confessed her work usually wins out. I don't assume ladies can have everything. I simply don't think so.

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May 11 2014


Kim Kardashian Bridal Shower Canceled At Beverly Hills Hotel Over Owner Sultan Of Brunei's Anti-gay Laws | E! Online

The Sultan Of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah, Kim Kardashian Courtesy Beverly Hills Hotel "I won't be visiting the Hotel Bel-Air or the Beverly Hills Hotel until this is resolved," Ellen DeGeneres tweeted on April 22. Jay Leno joined a group of protesters outside the Beverly Hills Hotel on Monday. "I'd like to think that all people are basically good and that when they realize that this is going on, hopefully, they will do something about it...I mean, it's justI don't know. Berlin, 1933? Hello, does it seem that far off from what happened during the Holocaust?" Leno said, according to the Los Angeles Times. I won't be visiting the Hotel Bel-Air or the Beverly Hills Hotel until this is resolved. http://t.co/RqQrLBK4EJ ? Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow) April 22, 2014 Richard Branson announced on Twitter, "No @virgin employee, nor our family, will stay at Dorchester Hotels until the Sultan abides by basic human rights." Sharon Osbourne posted a lengthy letter on Facebook urging a boycott. The sultan announced last month that enforcement of the strict Islamic penal laws would begin on May 1.

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March 21 2014


Meet The Kardashian Kopykats: Kim's Number One Fans Expertly Replicate Her Fashionable Looks On Instagram

Pretty in pink: Ashley (left) opted for a short-sleeved version of the white starry blouse Kim wore in February 2012 (right), topping off the look with eye-catching magenta heels Mirror image: Another Kardashian fan is 21-year-old blogger Madelleyn Lopez, who copied Kim's black jumpsuit look (right, in 2011) with a more affordable version (left) Style idol: Madelleyn, a fashion merchandising and design student, finds her lookalike outfits at affordable department stores like Marshalls Madelleyn - who describes herself as a' 21-year-old mother, wife, fashion merchandising and design student' - writes on her blog Instinct To Style that she found the trendy jumpsuit for just $19.99 at Marshalls. 'I was looking for some celebrity inspiration online and came across Kim Kardashian's super laid back ensemble,' she wrote. 'I loved how effortlessly chic she looked in a simple outfit like this. I had to steal her look!' Ashley, whose Instagram feed has an impressive 11,383 followers, gets plenty of positive feedback from fellow Kardashian fans, some of whom claim she rocks the looks even better than the star. Fanbase: Ashley (left, impersonating a look Kylie Jenner wore earlier this year, right) has an impressive 11,383 Instagram followers Family affair: Kim isn't the only Kardashian Ashley emulates. She also posts pictures of herself copying the looks of her sisters.

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